About Skiing With Demons

‘Skiing With Demons’ is a blog by Chris Tomlinson – electrician, existential philosopher, labrador owner, geriatric ski bum and author.

His first book saw Chris tagged with a lot of ‘ists’: narcissist, fascist, jingoist, ageist, fantasist, hedonist, anthropomorphist, alienist and sexist!  ‘All the things needed to make a writer engaging, witty and insightful’ –  says Chris.  Given the many five-star reviews his books have on Amazon,  he might be right.

This blog and its associated Skiing With Demons books should amuse anyone who has either been on a skiing holiday, is thinking of living their dream in the mountains, or is planning any kind of  midlife crisis – it’s not just about skiing.

The Morzine Chalet Project

(Click image for blurb)

The Agents of Entropy

(Click image for  blurb)

SWD-I was published in 2015 and covered the first four years of the Chalet Project – as Chris called his plan to escape the rat-race. He flees the UK to become a ski-bum in the French Alpine town of Morzine.

Then came SWD-II, which covers the aftermath. However, either of these books can be read independently.

best selling ski book


SWD-I became an Amazon Best Seller in 2015 and has had many rave reviews since and the odd not so good one – but you can’t please everyone.

In 2017,  SWD-II also became a Best Seller in Amazon’s Winter Sports category.

So why not read some sample chapters and see what you think?


For those who have foolishly abandoned dead-tree technology, Kindle versions of both books now exist too.

OR drop into the Skiing With Demons blog here


12 Responses to About Skiing With Demons

  1. Karen Johnson says:

    Love it Chris. Looking forward to reading the whole book. It made me laugh a lot. Although I believe… I am neither a “GF” or “wife” in that context 🙂 hope you are well. Will we be seeing you this season?


  2. Debbie Carol says:

    I’ve never been skiing; never wanted to and never will. I must fit into the ‘mid-life crisis’ group but I love how you write and it makes me laugh! Can’t wait to read the rest of your book.


  3. Clive Williams says:

    A great taster Chris – I shall look forward to giggling through the rest of your crisis. Especially is some of my “ski friends” might make an appearance!!
    I also liked your critique of your Careers Advisor – I too have often thought about trying to track him down and ask why he did not mention Grand Tour cyclist or downhill skier to me!!


  4. Ann says:

    Hi Chris – great to see you’re enjoying the White stuff!!! Best regards ann and all at Sherborne lofts !! – can wait to read the whole book !


  5. Fraser Black says:

    hadn’t realised youd done ‘book 2’ glad I picked up on it from Snowheads, loved the first book, spread the word through our Chalet site and a discussion group we are in good luck with book 3 🙂


  6. Sara Jane Archer says:

    I’m on your second book … found the first in a shop in Morzine last week and I’m addicted . Very funny . Thankyou for making me smile !


    • Hi Sara, Glad my books have/are entertaining you and thanks for letting me know. I’m Currently working on a third, but it won’t be out till Xmas ( note: Im not being specific about the years) Even though you bought the book in a bookshop, you can still leave an amazon review – if you do , It would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and thanks again. Chris


  7. Hev says:

    Just finished this book and its got everything! Laugh out loud moments, cringe worthy moments and everything in-between. I didn’t realise that my condition of Ski Nazi was a thing til I read this. My friends just call me the Commandant!
    Amazing – a must read for any skier (or snowboarder – don’t dis us till you’ve tried it Chris)
    I’ve got the second one to move onto now but will save it for a couple of months and look forward to it.


  8. JB says:

    Just devoured book 1 – a brilliant read for a ski obsessed 40 something corporate boy! Thanks for helping me vicariously live out my own mid life ski crisis without the pain of having to do it myself 🙂 ………….. although I can’t guarantee the pull of the mountains won’t get me eventually! Now on to buy book 2.


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