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‘Skiing With Demons’ is a blog by Chris Tomlinson – chairlift philosopher, fell-walker,  electrician, Land Rover Defender and labrador owner,  ski bum and author.

His first book saw Chris tagged with a lot of ‘ists’: narcissist, fascist, jingoist, ageist, fantasist, hedonist, anthropomorphist, alienist and sexist!  ‘All the things needed to make a writer engaging, witty and insightful’ –  says Chris.  Given the many five-star reviews his books have on Amazon,  he might be right.

This blog and its associated Skiing With Demons books, should amuse anyone who has either been on a skiing holiday, is thinking of living their dream in the mountains, or is planning any kind of  midlife crisis – they are not just about skiing.


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Life, Limbs & Land Rovers – Finally goes to print!

Good things come in threes. Things that come in threes are inherently more humorous, satisfying and effective than any other number of things, according to Confucius and his modern day equivalent, Wikipedia.  

It therefore seemed logical for me to produce a third book to complete the Skiing With Demons trilogy – as I’m calling it now ! 

So why did it take me so long?  Continue –>


12 Responses to About Skiing With Demons

  1. Karen Johnson says:

    Love it Chris. Looking forward to reading the whole book. It made me laugh a lot. Although I believe… I am neither a “GF” or “wife” in that context 🙂 hope you are well. Will we be seeing you this season?


  2. Debbie Carol says:

    I’ve never been skiing; never wanted to and never will. I must fit into the ‘mid-life crisis’ group but I love how you write and it makes me laugh! Can’t wait to read the rest of your book.


  3. Clive Williams says:

    A great taster Chris – I shall look forward to giggling through the rest of your crisis. Especially is some of my “ski friends” might make an appearance!!
    I also liked your critique of your Careers Advisor – I too have often thought about trying to track him down and ask why he did not mention Grand Tour cyclist or downhill skier to me!!

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  4. Ann says:

    Hi Chris – great to see you’re enjoying the White stuff!!! Best regards ann and all at Sherborne lofts !! – can wait to read the whole book !


  5. Fraser Black says:

    hadn’t realised youd done ‘book 2’ glad I picked up on it from Snowheads, loved the first book, spread the word through our Chalet site and a discussion group we are in good luck with book 3 🙂


  6. Sara Jane Archer says:

    I’m on your second book … found the first in a shop in Morzine last week and I’m addicted . Very funny . Thankyou for making me smile !


    • Hi Sara, Glad my books have/are entertaining you and thanks for letting me know. I’m Currently working on a third, but it won’t be out till Xmas ( note: Im not being specific about the years) Even though you bought the book in a bookshop, you can still leave an amazon review – if you do , It would be greatly appreciated. Cheers and thanks again. Chris


  7. Hev says:

    Just finished this book and its got everything! Laugh out loud moments, cringe worthy moments and everything in-between. I didn’t realise that my condition of Ski Nazi was a thing til I read this. My friends just call me the Commandant!
    Amazing – a must read for any skier (or snowboarder – don’t dis us till you’ve tried it Chris)
    I’ve got the second one to move onto now but will save it for a couple of months and look forward to it.


  8. JB says:

    Just devoured book 1 – a brilliant read for a ski obsessed 40 something corporate boy! Thanks for helping me vicariously live out my own mid life ski crisis without the pain of having to do it myself 🙂 ………….. although I can’t guarantee the pull of the mountains won’t get me eventually! Now on to buy book 2.


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