About Skiing With Demons

‘Skiing With Demons’ is a blog by Chris Tomlinson – author, househusband, Labrador owner and geriatric ski bum. This blog and its associated books (SWD-I & SWD-II), should amuse anyone who has either been on a skiing holiday, is thinking of living their dream in the mountains, or is planning a midlife crisis – it’s  not really about skiing at all.

The Morzine Chalet Project

The Morzine Chalet Project  (Click image for blurb)

The Agents of Entropy

The Agents of Entropy  (Click image for  blurb)

SWD-I was published in 2015 and covered the first four years of the Chalet Project – as Chris called his plan to escape the rat-race. He flees the UK to become a ski-bum in the French Alpine town of Morzine.

Then came SWD-II, which covers the aftermath. However, either of the books can be read independently.

bestsellerSWD-I became an Amazon Best Seller in 2016 and has had many rave reviews (and the odd not so good one) but you can’t please everyone. In 2017,  SWD-II also became a Best Seller in Amazon’s Winter Sports category. So why not read some sample chapters and see what you think?


For those who have foolishly abandoned dead-tree technology, Kindle versions of both books now exist too.

OR drop into the Skiing With Demons blog here



6 Responses to About Skiing With Demons

  1. Karen Johnson says:

    Love it Chris. Looking forward to reading the whole book. It made me laugh a lot. Although I believe… I am neither a “GF” or “wife” in that context 🙂 hope you are well. Will we be seeing you this season?


  2. Debbie Carol says:

    I’ve never been skiing; never wanted to and never will. I must fit into the ‘mid-life crisis’ group but I love how you write and it makes me laugh! Can’t wait to read the rest of your book.


  3. Clive Williams says:

    A great taster Chris – I shall look forward to giggling through the rest of your crisis. Especially is some of my “ski friends” might make an appearance!!
    I also liked your critique of your Careers Advisor – I too have often thought about trying to track him down and ask why he did not mention Grand Tour cyclist or downhill skier to me!!


  4. Ann says:

    Hi Chris – great to see you’re enjoying the White stuff!!! Best regards ann and all at Sherborne lofts !! – can wait to read the whole book !


  5. Fraser Black says:

    hadn’t realised youd done ‘book 2’ glad I picked up on it from Snowheads, loved the first book, spread the word through our Chalet site and a discussion group we are in good luck with book 3 🙂


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