SWD-II: The Agents of Entropy

This secondThe Agents of Entropy Skiing with Demons book traces the post-midlife crisis of our ageing ski-bum from garage-dwelling chalet-host to existential philosopher, ski psychologist, failed domestic goddess and writer. There’s wisdom here but unusually packaged, wisdom that will be useful to all who aspire to live their dreams – no matter how old.

Enter the dangerous and yet alluring world of BASI Ballerinas, Saga Louts, Angry Pirates, Cougars and Soggy Bottom Boys – collectively called the ‘Agents of Entropy’ by Chris, because they often bring disorder, if not chaos, to his life.

No one who stays in his chalet is above suspicion, from the yummy mummy with her teenage boarding brats, to the French skiing gods of the ESF, however he discovers the most powerful Agent is the evil black chalet cat.

Chris shares his life as an act of generosity and he casts his eye wide both in Morzine, and the lesser known resorts of Laax, South Cave and Sutton Coldfield.

If you survive this account without either dying of laughter or depression, you may with luck enter those broad philosophical uplands now attained by the author, where the snow is always powder and the wine is always hot. It might even improve your skiing – although Chris suspects it might not.

Sample Chapter 1: The Ardent Incident


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