SWD-III: Life Limbs & Land Rovers

This third Skiing With Demons book sees our aging ski-bum continue to battle his demons in the Alps, the Lake District and the less mountainous regions around the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield.

After a serious skiing accident, our hapless hero sets himself new goals. He needs to take back control of his right foot then learn to walk, to drive his beloved Land Rover Defender and then to ski again. His ultimate goal is to prove to the Ski Club of Great Britain that he can still ski well enough to be one of its leaders.

Along the way, our word-gatherer, a master of ‘chairlift philosophy’, muses about his existential need to be a leader, his tempestuous affairs with skiing and his aging Defender. With a sublime lack of self-awareness, he pontificates on the pointlessness of going up a mountain in order to almost immediately come back down it and draws similarities between skiing and his other love, fell-walking.

Sample chapter: 1. Right Place, Wrong Time


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