Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

“An extremely funny and very objective look at life as a ‘ski bum’.  This book is impossible to put down so be prepared to get funny looks if you’re reading on the bus or you emerge from the loo!

Chris’ descriptive powers are accurate and subliminal. His self-disarming style will connects with any reader – I really did not want this book to end.” –  


“Three great books for winter”

” Ideal for anyone thinking of running a ski chalet or planning a midlife crisis – or who simply fancies a funny read.” – Roger Fulton (Snow Magazine)

“A really entertaining and easy read. For anyone who’s been on skiing trips to the Alps, this will transport you back to those heroic days on the slopes and ‘all-conquering’ nights in the bar… and make you realise what your chalet host really thought of you!
– Jon Derry


I’ve never been skiing; never wanted to and never will. I must fit into the ‘mid-life crisis’ group but I love how you write and it makes me laugh!” – Debbie Carol

“If it had Bryson on the cover would be a worldwide smash of course – amusing, pithy and not boring even for a non skier. ” – Steve Denny

10 Of The Best Books About Skiing

“A memoir, with a whole load of comedy thrown in for good measure, this book documents how Chris Tomlinson swapped the life of a city living executive for the life of a garage dwelling ski bum in the French Alps. Whatever your relationship with skiing, there’s something here for you. Yes, it’s about skiing but it’s also about what can happen when you jump in and take a chance on a new way of living”

best selling ski book


“SWD 1 was one of my favourite books of last year, so although I was looking forward to SWD 2, I wasn’t sure it would live up to Chris’s first book. After all, everyone has one book in them, but so they have two? Of course, I needn’t have worried. I read it in pretty much one go and as with all well-written, engaging, books, I was left feeling a bit lost when I came to the end, like saying goodbye to an old friend.” J. Sharpe


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