SWD-I: The Morzine Chalet Project

The Morzine Chalet Project‘This flagrantly honest, yet seriously funny book, documents the ascent/descent of an ageing ski-bum from city-living executive to garage-dwelling chalet-host.

It describes how the ski-bum’s escape from the rat race is effected by means of a rented chalet in the French alpine town of Morzine, where his ‘Chalet Project’ teaches him new and strange domestic skills and he learns a lot about Land Rover maintenance.

On arrival in chalet land he is frequently abducted by the ‘Après Aliens’ and hears voices in his head – the ‘Ski Demons’.

Enter the world of ‘Girlfriend Skiing’ and of the ‘Ski Nazis’ and other such weird creatures and find out what ski-bums do in the summer. And feel for the author as he attempts to qualify as ski instructor and Ski Club of Great Britain Leader – only to discover that he’s not actually very good at skiing after all!

This book is also a useful manual for skiers. It examines skiing philosophies and looks at common skiing phobias. Finally, rejoice as one ski-bum exorcises his demons, his fear of avalanches and an infamous run called the Swiss Wall.’

Sample: Chapter 1 : The Journey Home


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