You really never finish a book – it just gets published!

Its been 3 years in the writing and finally I’ve finished it. Well, actually, my editor and girlfriend (Dr Debs) have forbidden me from fiddling with it any more.

Every time I proof read it I want to change something. Mostly because my opinions and recollections have changed. It really started out as a cathartic process of documenting what happened to me – it didn’t really have a plot or a story line. Somehow I hope I’ve managed to turn it in to a ‘book’, not just a collection of rants.

Part memoir, part observational humour, it now documents my transition from a city living executive, to a garage dwelling ski bum over four winters in the French Alps.

Hopefully, it will be enjoyed by anyone who has either been on a skiing holiday, is thinking of running a ski chalet, wants to be a ski instructor or is planning a midlife crisis.

Skiing With Demons – is due to be released mid-September (2015) – in time for my 53rd birthday!

ski demon


About Chris Tomlinson

Skier, motor-biker, sailor, drinker, twitcher, runner, cricket lover and electrician. Ski Club of GB Leader, BASI Instructor, author (Skiing With Demons series) and amateur Land Rover mechanic.
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