SWD3: missing vampire creates collector’s edition

Just before Xmas, I hastily printed and posted hundreds of copies SWD3 to my loyal readers, but unbeknown to me, a vampire had gone missing from page 203 !

Poor communication between author and typographer meant that paragraph 3 was replaced with a reiteration of a previous paragraph and neither party noticed.

Then an “early adopter” emailed me to ask,

“WTF happened to that vampire you saw on the fells?”

So, if page 302 in your copy of SWD3 doesn’t make sense, or at least less sense than the other pages, here is a “patch” for page 203, print it and stick it over the existing paragraph – if you can really be bothered !

Page 203, para 3 should read:

“Instead of pressing on to the Dodd, I decided that ‘a summit in hand, was worth two in the mist’ and headed directly down to the Helvellyn Youth Hostel for a cup of tea. The descent was easy and, a couple of hours later, I walked into the hostel triumphantly, only to find my Transylvanian beauty serving behind the counter.”

The upside:  

If your copy of SWD3 has this “bug”, and you don’t apply the above patch,  it might be considered a “Special Limited Edition” and will possibly  be worth a fortune some day – or maybe not.   Only time will tell.





About Chris Tomlinson

Skier, motor-biker, sailor, drinker, twitcher, runner, cricket lover and electrician. Ski Club of GB Leader, BASI Instructor, author (Skiing With Demons series) and amateur Land Rover mechanic.
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